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Pretty Little Pints

Beer-lovin’ chicks, barely passing as adults, talking about booze, life, pop culture, sex and whatever else spills out

Oct 24, 2018

Happy Spoopy Season, y'all.


We invited some funny folks, including but totally limited to Mickey, Sam, Noosh, and Chris into the Orlamdo Studios to eat Theo's (not a sponsor) Fried Chicken and watch Tucker & Dale vs. Evil.

And ... sigh ... we drank Pumpkin beers the whole time.


At least the movie is...

Oct 17, 2018

This was recorded shortly after all the Supreme Court news came out and the crew had a ton of Octoberfest Beers.

Enjoy responsibilitibily.

Oct 10, 2018

FEST BEER BEST BEER IS BACK and bigger than ever. Alex Gasparini is back and this year, we drink 16 beers and have a conversation that ends up spanning two episodes. 


Don't worry, though. By the end of part 1, you'll know which Fest Beer actually WAS the BEST BEER.

Oct 2, 2018

The Pints are back in Florida with Florida Realtor, Bart Marek ( and, as a nod to their guest, enjoy (?) some Bud Light in a can. Things started out pretty chill, but 10 beers in, that's where the silly came out.