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Pretty Little Pints

Beer-lovin’ chicks, barely passing as adults, talking about booze, life, pop culture, sex and whatever else spills out

Jun 27, 2018

Tori's out at Bite Night eating all the things, but that didn't stop us from having an awesome time with Nikki Bowles and Joe Chlapowski. We enjoyed (?!) White Claw and discussed all manners of things, including:

Top Golf



The Corporation

John Dies at the End

and much much more.

We had such a blast with...

Jun 20, 2018

The Pints are joined by Amy, who just so happens to be related to the owner of this month's sponsor, The Bull & Bush Pub. We learn the origin story of the pub, discuss the benefits (or lack thereof) of watermelon, learn a handy road trick, and so much more. 

Jun 19, 2018

WE'RE BACK BABIES. Stephen Mitchell from Beggars Being Choosers and Charlie Bowie from Poking the Bear join our very own Jacki for another bonus episode, which got pretty crazy, cause we talked about things like baby back bitches, transformative art, RoseArt makeup, big nose babies and more. 

Jun 13, 2018

This weeks the Pints finally did it. They had a girly drink: Champagne ... or, at least, it's Spanish cousin, Cava. Champagne Jesus himself, AKA Ross McCoy, shared in the bubbles at Bull and Bush Pub, while discussing some pretty silly stuff, like:

Tracking your kids

Grandma food


Greenwood Cemetery


Jun 5, 2018

Coming at you live (enough) from the Bull and Bush Pub in Orlando, Florida, it's Pretty Little Pints with special guests Sadi and a pint of Guinness! If this episode is any indication, y'all are in for an incredible month. Here's what we talked about today:

Is Pinocchio sentient?

Washing below the knee

Walking into...