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Pretty Little Pints

Beer-lovin’ chicks, barely passing as adults, talking about booze, life, pop culture, sex and whatever else spills out

Oct 25, 2017

In this episode, the Pints finally unlock the mystery of the proper pronunciation of Bowigen's. And they drink two amazingly tasty brews in the company of Lexi from Bowigen's and Tyler, her fella. Lotsa Ric Flair talk this episode too. We don't understand how that happened either. 

Oct 18, 2017

Never has there been a more fitting beer and guest pairing than this slightly sad, but mostly funny, episode of Pretty Little Pints. Joey Balzac, Bird Gang leader, joins the Pints for a delicious Bowigen's brew called "I'm a Peacock, You Gotta Let Me Fly." Spoiler alert: it is effing delicious. We also talked...

Oct 11, 2017

The Pints are back for a regularly-scheduled episode, with awesome guest Harry. While enjoying the award-winning 7 Layer Stout from Bowigens, we discuss many ridiculous things including: octopusses, LA airport living, anime, Facebook groups, asexuality, dreads and more.

Oct 8, 2017

Hi, this is Jacki. Like, I don't think anything else really needs to be said about this episode, aside from FEST BEER BEST BEER. 

Ok. Fine. I guess I should tell you that we had Alex Gasparini & Mickey Mick into the Orlamdo Studios to share 8-ish Octoberfest beers with Lorraine and I. 

Here are some things we talked...

Oct 4, 2017

New month, new tasty sponsor. The Pints welcome Erin from the Orange County Library System to talk books, beer and the marriage between the two: BOOKTOBERFEST ... all while enjoying two delicious beers from Bowigens, located here in Orlando. Spoiler alert: we have free Booktoberfest tickets to give away to one of our...